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Drywall Products

A large in-stock selection in Chicago.

We have the most comprehensive selection of gypsum drywall in our service area.

M.R. Lee Building Materials continually provides innovative solutions for the drywall category for types I-V construction applications. Our extensive product inventory offers a wide range of standard drywall, glass-mat panels and specialty products including:

  • Regular & Type X drywall
  • Fire-rated drywall
  • Non-paper faced drywall
  • Moisture and mold resistant drywall
  • Abuse and impact resistant drywall
  • Tilebacker
  • Shaft wall liner
  • Cement board

Our drywall is offered in standard sizes ranging from 1/4” to 5/8” thickness. We also offer drywall in tapered and beveled finishes for easy installation.

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